Forthcoming meetings of the Perronet House & Princess Street Tenants & Residents Association are:

Monday 3 June 2024

Meetings will start at 6.30pm and can be attended in person or online.

The meetings are held in Room 93 – entry is via the entrance lobby on P level of Perronet House and you may need to use the buzzer for 93.

For those joining online a link will be shared in the Perronet House WhatsApp group, or on request.

A report is made each year of what the association has achieved and is given at the Annual General Meeting. Review what the Tenants & Residents Association achieved since April 2012 (to October 2021). You may also review our constitution and code of conduct.

What is the Tenants & Resident Association for?
The association helps give a stronger voice to everyone, ensuring the views of all active tenants and leaseholders is heard more clearly by our landlord Southwark Council. An association can also apply for funding that goes towards social activities and improvements to our local environment. Read more here. The Association relies entirely on volunteers to take on roles and responsibilities and welcomes council tenants, private tenants and leaseholders to make it thrive. You can participate as an elected officer or committee member, or simply come along to a meeting to listen and/or contribute as you like.

Community Room Hire
The Tenants & Residents Association also manages the use of Room 93 on P-level which has a small kitchen and toilet and is suitable for meetings or socials (hire contract and fire risk assessment).

There is an agreement between your Association and the Council for cleaning. Please help ensure it gets done by being familiar with what is expected and pointing out council omissions to your volunteer association officers. Review what cleaning is meant to be done.

Illegal Subletting
Council tenants are being deprived affordable housing in Perronet House by the illegal subletting of their flats by some fake council tenants. Private tenants are being ripped off and the named council tenant is either not resident or has supplied fake information. The council’s resident officers need your support on this serious and unfair housing issue. If you suspect fraud contact the council’s specialists on or call 020 7525 4686 to make an anonymous report. You will be helping someone get a more affordable home who deserves it.

For more contact details relating to Perronet House click here.