As of April 2017 the Residents Association is ‘on ice’. The AGM was well advertised but poorly attended, insufficient to be quorum. It seems almost all residents no longer see the value in participating or take for granted its existence and contribution to life here. You can review what this Residents Association has achieved since it was created in April 2012 here. The association remains recognised by the council but is not eligible for further funding until an AGM is held that a sufficient number of residents attend. New leaseholders and council tenants are required to step up to be a regular active part of the committee and face the challenges ahead as part of an inclusive team, or face them alone. Anyone interested in becoming a committee member should contact our

The association’s failure in February to secure success in the vote to join the award winning local Leathermarket JMB TMO and exit persistently negligent council housing mismanagement has cast a long shadow here amongst the few residents who volunteered tirelessly to improve things. While 80% took part in the vote this February and 68% supported joining the Leathermarket JMB TMO (including 94% of leaseholders) a campaign against the TMO led by resident Janet Yatak was consistently economical with the truth and secured the necessary veto from 52% of council tenant voters (30 people) against change. The ballot staged by Southwark Council was frustratingly mismanaged and ignored government guidance. It is still within the power of council tenants to help Perronet House join Leathermarket JMB TMO and for all to benefit from an improved level of care here: anyone interested in finding out how to help should contact Andy Bates.

Everyone who lives at Perronet House and Princess Street is a member of the Residents Association whether you are a leaseholder, a council tenant or private tenant. The association’s officers and committee members, elected by residents at the AGM are volunteers who seek to make Perronet House and Princess Street a great place to live, by improving the physical and social conditions here.

The Residents Association manage the usage of Room 93 on P-level. It has a small kitchen and toilet and is suitable for meetings or social gatherings. Room can be hired by residents and guests by the hour. Review our hire contract and contact to make a booking. You may review the room’s fire risk assessment here.

For information about the Residents Association please contact: Sign up to the e-mail list for occasional news by clicking here. To receive a text message alert on your phone reminding you of meetings please text “PERRONET” to 84433 to join.

For more contact details click here.